The Absent Hour

The Absent Hour expanded the experience of the opera Tissues by reconstructing fragments and traces to create an independent installation and performance, foregrounding the sculptural and architectural dialogue taking place in the cavernous South Tank. It invited spectators and performers alike to overstep the line that divides them, presenting the space as an environment to be engaged with, activated and transformed into performance by the interactions, investigations and vocalisations that took place within it over the course of six hours each day. As a durational performance piece, it indulged the audience in travel and exploration, granting hours in which existence was absent in the presence of experience.

The Absent Hour是一个从2019年9月30日至10月6日于泰特现代美术馆的South Tank展出的表演装置作品。它将Tissues的片段重组成为一个全新的沉思体验——好似其姊妹作品的遗痕。该作品通过主题鲜明的时长一小时六幕表演演变而成:蓝时间,空时间,红时间,活时间,暗时间和静时间。

Performed by Gaby Agis, Richard Court, Jia-Yu Corti, Pan Daijing, Anna Davidson, Joseph Funnell, Marie Gailey, Steve Katona, Thibault Lac, Malik Nashad Sharpe, Rosalie Pearce Bell and Klara Utke Acs.