Echo, Moss and Spill

Commissioned by Tai Kwun Contemporary, Hong Kong. On view May 2021 – January 2022.

Echo, Moss and Spill centred around six-hour daily durational performances over three weeks, with a two-channel film installation and multiple sound pieces spread across the building. An environment was constructed to instigate and foreground a series of compelling and profound interactions, creating a space for reflection on fear and violence, and an invitation to tenderness. Throughout the exhibition, the choreography resulted in two large drawings on the museum walls, relics of the constantly evolving performance. Echo, Moss and Spill focused on bringing metamorphosis into relief by examining how an environment is impacted by sound over a long period of time. With time suspended, and visual and sonic landscape distorted, the work grows and mutates in unexpected ways, and invites its audience to shed its skin together with it.

Performed by Christine He, Leung Pak Ting, Pun Tak Shu, Chan Wai Lok, Tse Yu Ling, Sylvie Cox, Steph Lee and Pan Daijing.