Fist Piece

Premiered 20th August 2017 at Kraftwerk, Berlin.

Dealing with the inherent brutality and fluidity of feminised experience, Fist Piece is a performance work built for stage. Taking on the role of narrator, the artist engages in an improvised performance in dialogue with live music and a three-channel film installation featuring herself and her mother. Over the course of the performance, the artist explores multiple personas, at once playful yet fragile, intimate yet violent. A twist in the narrative occurs when she is joined on stage by a second person, acting as the protagonist’s double. Fist Piece is a visually vivid and sonically emphatic exposition of the artist’s personal understanding of trauma. While leaving open the possibility of transformation, it seeks to communicate and explain the idea of ​​pain in a universal way. Since its premiere at Kraftwerk Berlin, it has been performed internationally at venues and festivals including Barbican Center and Elbphilharmonie Hamburg.

Music and video installation by Pan Daijing
Liveshow performed by Pan Daijing, Gregori Homa, Yanwen Xiong
Film cast: Junying, Pan Daijing
Film cinematography and editing: Ekaterina Reinbold