The Speaker

Created in collaboration with Valerio Tricoli and Werner Dafeldecker, The Speaker is a composition for one vocalist and a six channel acousmonium diffusing electronic sound, presented as “aural theatre.” Through singing, murmuring, whispering and whistling; the artist’s improvised voice acting explores the full possibilities of vocalisation in the form of an abstract monologue, performed from within the audience and processed live. The Speaker explores the interlocking themes of solipsism, paranoia and identity within an artificial system of representation, to stage an internal world dominated by the awareness of an inherent lack of meaningful connections between the “facts” that make up one’s reality. It premiered in 2017 at Elisabethkirche Berlin and has been performed internationally at venues such as the Swedish National Library, Stockholm.

The Speaker是一个由一个歌者和六频电子扩散器的组合物,名曰“耳朵的剧场”。通过歌声,喃喃自语声,低声细语声和吹口哨声,在观众与进行的表演中,艺术家即兴的声音演出以抽象的独白形式探索了发声的全部可能性。The Speaker探索了一系列的连锁主题,包括唯我主义,妄想症和人工系统下身份的表现形式。它表现了因与“事实”缺乏有意义的联系,被自我创造的现实所占据的内心世界。它在2017年在Elisabethkirche(柏林)首演后,曾在全球不同场馆被演出,包括瑞典国家图书馆(斯德哥尔摩)。

Performed by Pan Daijing, Valerio Tricoli and Werner Dafeldecker