Shanghai, 2018.

Presented in an abandoned 1930s marine club in Shanghai, mm was performed by an ensemble of opera singers, dancers and actors. The piece embodied concealed, introverted human tendencies through mirage. Unfolding on a sand-covered platform that hovered like an apparition over the dark water of the club’s swimming pool, the viewer finds themself willing to look away but compelled to watch, equal parts disquieted and absorbed by the scene’s acute intimacy. The sculptural textile work created in collaboration with designer Ximon Lee offsets the fluidity of the performer’s motion, meeting through shadow, movement and texture with the artist’s impressionistic soundscape to complete a fiction of haunting resonance; an impossible, hypnagogic vision of figures that run like water over sand, drawing curved lines of intangible beauty through its desolation.

呈现于位于上海的一个1930年代废弃海洋俱乐部,mm是由一群歌剧歌者,舞者和演员完成的表演。作品通过海市蜃楼展现被隐藏的,内向的人性倾向。在一片犹如幻影般的,漂浮在暗色的泳池上的,被沙子覆盖的平面展开,观众发现自己希望移开视线但被迫观看,焦灼却又被场景激烈的亲密感所吸引。与设计师Ximon Lee合作完成的雕塑般的纺织作品中和了表演者动作的流动性,通过阴影,动作和材质与艺术家的印象派音乐景观一同完成一个难忘的共振;通过荒凉展现奇迹之美。