Lack 惊蛰

Culminating as the purgative ‘finale’ to over two years of live improvisational performances, Lack 惊蛰 is Pan Daijing’s debut album. The record is the raw, intuitive result following a painstaking process of composing, recording and editing various live sets and field recordings across Europe, China and Canada. Lack 惊蛰 was conceived as a piece of operatic storytelling, presenting a psychologically-charged narrative through the transcendental potential of sound.

作为两年的现场即兴演出的“终曲”,《Lack 惊蛰》是岱静的首张专辑。通过艰苦的作曲,录制和编辑过程,包括现场演出和横跨欧洲,中国和加拿大田野录音,该唱片是一个原始而直觉性的结果。《Lack》被视为一个具有歌剧性的叙事作品。通过声音的玄奥潜能呈现一个以心理发展为主导的故事。